About Us

If it complements and supports key objectives, social media can positively impact your business strategy. However, like any communication channel, it is vital to understand and measure your social media activity in order to identify the contribution it makes to specific business requirements. With this in mind, amaSocial was launched in 2014 as a complete social media tracking and reporting tool. Designed specifically for social media marketers, PR practitioners and communications professionals, amaSocial speaks directly to the social media tracking and reporting requirements of the marketing, PR and media industries.

The ability to filter, interpret and rework data ensures that clients have complete control when it comes to extracting and reporting on specific data and insights. This ensures all social media efforts can effectively complement their greater business requirements and success.

amaSocial makes monitoring and reporting easy:
  • Track the performance of your social media strategy and social media ROI across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.
  • Monitor and analyse the performance of your brand messages on social media.
  • Track and deliver actionable insights from the performance of your campaigns and campaign messages on social media.
  • Identify and track content that is generated by, or in reference to, a particular social media profile.
  • Gather information on your target market, industry competitors or topics of business interest.
  • Use the tailored reports for key business insights and social media metrics.