Reach out with Instagram and Snapchat Stories

Instagram and Snapchat Stories enable brands to reach out to consumers in fun and innovative ways. The stories are created using collections of photos, videos and images that display in a slideshow for 24 hours. This is an innovative way to grab your customers’ attention, offering a unique and candid take on social media marketing…. Read more »

Customer Support on Social Media is a Must

Should you be offering customer support as a service on social media? Yes – if you want a faster way of communicating with your customers, to stand out from competitors and discover insights to help you optimise your offering. Social media networks are making it easier for businesses to set up customer support on their… Read more »


What Employee Advocacy can do for your Business

Both large international brands and small, local start-ups are leveraging the power of social media to showcase their products and services to their target markets. Getting active on social media can, however, often be a costly and time-consuming exercise. Employee advocacy is providing a solution to this. Advocacy programmes rely on a company’s sales force… Read more »