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How social-first content can boost your marketing

How Social-First Content Can Boost Your Marketing

Using social-first content allows brands to harness the power of social media to reach large audiences. Content created specifically for social media can make a strong impression on consumers and inspire offline content that makes an impact. If you are still simply sharing your website’s content on your brand’s social media accounts, then it’s time… Read more »

Basics of Social Media Advertising in South Africa

Basics of Social Media Advertising in South Africa

Social media advertising is becoming a powerful marketing tool for South African brands, as more of the country’s consumers join social networks. When you know what you want to achieve and what advertising options are available to you, your marketing message can potentially reach millions of people. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube had the most users… Read more »

Five Types of Social Media Chatbots that Boost Business

Five Types of Social Media Chatbots that Boost Business

Chatbots are making it easier for brands to reach consumers on social media. With the help of bot technology, brands are engaging directly with customers and potential clients on social media messaging platforms. These bots can entertain, assist and inform social media users in the format they prefer: chatting. The chatbot explosion on social media… Read more »

The Super Quick Social Media Strategy Template

Having a social media strategy in place can help you improve your results on social networks. You might already have a basic social media strategy in mind, but putting your ideas on paper can motivate you to achieve your goals. Spend 15 minutes compiling your plan using our printable Social Media Marketing Strategy Template. Essential… Read more »

How to conquer the decline of organic reach on Facebook

Conquer the Decline of Organic Reach on Facebook

The organic reach of posts on Facebook has dropped significantly over time. However, when marketers craft their unpaid posts in the right way, they can still get valuable organic reach. Better yet, they can build lasting relationships with customers. What is organic reach? According to Facebook, organic reach is “the total number of unique people… Read more »

Measuring your brand’s impact on social media

Measuring your Brand’s Impact on Social Media

Social media monitoring and analytics systems allow businesses to make sure they are hitting all the targets in their social media strategy. These tools can also help you track the conversations people are having about your brand. The insights gained from measuring your social media strategy can show you how to improve your offering and… Read more »