The Super Quick Social Media Strategy Template

Having a social media strategy in place can help you improve your results on social networks. You might already have a basic social media strategy in mind, but putting your ideas on paper can motivate you to achieve your goals.

Spend 15 minutes compiling your plan using our printable Social Media Marketing Strategy Template.

Essential elements of a social media strategy

To start off, your social media marketing strategy should have a mission. This main purpose will guide all the elements you implement in your social media plan. It’s important to break this mission statement down into goals. Goals can be broad concepts of how you plan to achieve your mission. If your social media plan is simplistic, your goals could be more detailed step-by-step instructions on how you plan to achieve your mission.

A social media strategy should always include a definition of your target audience. This step allows marketers to identify the right networks for their social media marketing efforts. It also determines the type of content you should post.

Track your progress

Once you’ve clarified your mission and identified your goals, you should consider ways to maximise your new strategy. Measuring your brand’s impact on social media is vital to your success. Social media measurement helps you make sure you are reaching all the goals you set out in your strategy.

Use both social media analytics tools and a social media tracking service to get a complete view of your brand’s performance on social media.

Analytics provide access to the data generated by your social media activities. Social media tracking, also called social listening, measures your brand’s social media presence and the perceptions that people have of your brand. Find out more about social media tracking here.

How to tweak and improve your strategy

With the insights you gain, you can track the progress you’re making towards your goals. Once you start achieving your objectives, you can start setting new ones. If you’re not making progress towards your goals, it might be time to tweak them.

As your social media strategy evolves, you’ll learn what social media marketing tactics work best for your brand. These insights are priceless and will ensure your social media campaigns contribute to your overall marketing strategy – with the central goal of driving revenue for your business.

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